FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do about the fire safety risk from vegetation or trash accumulating on my neighbor’s property?

Contact your code enforcement division of the appropriate law enforcement jurisdiction.


What Can I Legally Burn On My Property? 

  • Burning of trash and refuse is prohibited in the towns of Windsor and Severance and Larimer and Weld Counties. See Health Department websites for Weld and Larimer Counties for specific information regarding permitted open burning.  Open burning within the WSFR district requires permits from both Windsor Severance Fire Rescue and the respective county.
  • Cooking fires are legal throughout the WSFR district.
  • Recreational burning is allowed outside a single-family residence when the fire is contained in a portable outdoor fireplace.
  • WSFR Burn Permit Information

Bonfires are legal in unincorporated areas of Weld and Larimer Counties within the WSFR district.