Open Records Request


The Windsor-Severance Fire Protection District (the “District”) has developed the following Open Records Request Policy in order to create a systematic method of managing open records requests. Pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act ("CORA"), § 24-72-200.1, C.R.S., et seq., public records are to be open for inspection by individuals at reasonable times, upon request, unless such disclosure would be contrary to the public interest as provided under CORA. As a public entity, the District recognizes the importance of this state policy and the importance of creating an environment of openness with respect to its internal operations. This policy is intended to balance the public's right to inspect the records of the District with the District’s need to protect its records and prevent unnecessary interference with its regular duties in responding to such requests. All CORA requests will be reviewed and responded to consistently with the requirements of CORA.

Please read the attached Open Records-CORA Information Document.

Requests may be emailed to records [at]