Prohibited Materials

Burning Tire
  • Plastics, tires, plastic tarps, electric wiring, plumbing materials, plastic irrigation pipe and ducts.
  • Vehicles, trailers, mobile homes, campers, tents, or parts from these items.
  • Houses, barns, animal shelters, sheds, buildings, lean-to’s, garages.
  • Chemicals of any kind: paint, fuels, polyurethane, thinners, solvents.
  • Furniture, coated wood, manufactured wood (laminates, plywood, particle board, dimensional lumber).
  • Electric wiring, boxes, electronic equipment, or anything with a circuit board.
  • Green lumber, leaves, cat tails, recently cut limbs and logs.
  • Any compostable plant material.
  • Manure, urine-soaked materials, animal droppings, corral bedding.
  • Deceased animals and animal parts
  • Commercially-derived materials (wastes from business entities).
  • Burning weeds in agriculturally exempt water conveyance structures (ditches, canals, etc.); See below.
  • Open field burning on agriculturally zoned land to control weeds or undesirable plants for the purpose of enhancing crop production or improving lands for animal grazing. See below
  • (Agricultural Open Burning is exempt from permitting by Regulation No. 9 and the Weld County Codes and Regulations.)