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See below for some of our most frequently asked questions.

Are Outdoor Fire Pits Allowed In Windsor And Severance?

Outdoor recreational burning is allowed at single family dwellings only when contained within manufactured, portable outdoor fire pit; outside fireplace; or in a chiminea. All wood burning appliances shall include a screen or spark arrestor design feature. A permit is not required for these devices. The length of burn time of the fire must be reasonable so as not to disturb neighbors. Operators shall not allow the fire to produce noxious smoke. The burning of rubbish, trash, construction materials, yard debris, leaves, or recyclable materials is strictly prohibited. Only clean, dry wood may be burned. A responsible, non-impaired adult shall be present and monitor the burning until the fire is extinguished (i.e. out cold) and provide a means for rapid fire extinguishment such as a portable fire extinguisher, water from a garden hose, or a shovel and dirt or sand. Outdoor wood burning appliances shall be maintained in good repair at all times and situated on cleared, level ground so that the appliance cannot tip over.

For the full regulation please see our policy that is located at Recreational Burning Policy

How Many Fire / Rescue Stations Does WSFR Operate?

We have 4 stations that are staffed 24/7.

Station 1 is at 100 N. 7th Street in Downtown Windsor. It serves as our headquarters and houses staffed apparatus Engine 1, Med 1, Battalion 1 and Med 5., as well as other essential apparatus such as a Rescue 1, Brush 1, Tender 1 and our Swift Water Rescue Boat. Station 1 also houses our administrative offices and a classroom facility for trainings and meetings.

Station 2 is located at 9 Timber Ridge Parkway in Severance. This station houses staffed apparatus Engine 2 and Med 2, as well as Brush 2 and Tender 2.

Station 3 is located at 7790 REA Parkway in the Highland Meadows Subdivision. This station houses staffed apparatus Engine 3, as well as Brush 3.

Station 4 is located at 1350 New Liberty Road in Windsor. This station houses staffed apparatus Engine 4. 

Each of our stations is designed to house extra equipment, gear, support equipment, training/conference rooms, and the technology necessary to link our firefighters to local and regional training and IT infrastructure. All stations have meeting rooms that may be rented to the public for meetings (contact us for more info).

How Many Personnel Are On Duty Each Day?

WSFR has between 12-20 personnel on duty each day. Each first-due fire engine has a minimum staffing of three Firefighters, and may staff up to 4 personnel on these engines. We also have three ambulances in our district staffed 24/7 with personnel contracted with UCHealth EMS. A Battalion Chief is stationed at Station 1 and oversees each shift and large incidents. Additionally, we have a Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, Operations Chief, and support staff who respond if needed. WSFR has robust automatic-aid and mutual-aid agreements in place with all of our neighboring fire departments and ambulance services to ensure quick response and adequate resources on large-scale incidents.

Is WSFR A Paid / Career Or Volunteer Organization?

WSFR is both. We are a combination agency of career and volunteer firefighters. All firefighters are Colorado Firefighter I certified. All career staff and most of the volunteer staff are Colorado State EMT-B certified.

What Hours Do WSFR Personnel Work?

WSFR has 3 shifts, or “Battalions” (A, B, and C). Full time career Firefighters are assigned to one of the three battalions which are scheduled 48 hours-on and 96 hours-off. Part-time and reserve firefighter hours vary depending upon the department’s needs and the firefighter’s availability. Although the hours are long, this type of schedule is the most economical method of maintaining a constant level of service and requires fewer personnel than shorter shifts. Other staff such as administrative, life safety, and support work a typical 40-hour work week.

What Type Of Governmental Agency Is WSFR?

Our official name is Windsor Severance Fire Protection District, which is an independent Colorado Title 32 Special District, a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State of Colorado formed to provide necessary public services.  As such, we are governed by a five member elected Board of Directors.  Our district covers approximately 100 square miles and includes the Towns of Windsor and Severance. In 2011 we elected to operate by our dba name Windsor Severance Fire Rescue (WSFR) which more closely reflects our array of Fire and Rescue services.

Why Do Firefighters And Paramedics Take An Engine Or Ambulance To The Grocery Store?

Our crews work 48-hour shifts. During that time, they are expected to remain together in readiness to respond to emergency calls. They get no “breaks” where they are not expected to respond within seconds. Every year WSFR crews respond to over 4,000 calls for service.

Each 48-hour tour crewmembers pool their own money to buy groceries for the tour of duty. To stay in constant readiness, crews go everywhere together; this is how they are trained, and how they operate when they are called upon for an emergency. Each crew typically will make a quick trip to the store to stock up once per tour, and they are always ready to respond. Occasionally WSFR crews will go to a restaurant if they have not had time to prepare a meal at the station.

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