You, our community, are the reason we strive to do our best at assuring your safety. We’re here from start to finish with any emergency call that is placed.

On May 12, 1902, the Windsor Fire Department was organized for the protection of the property within the Town of Windsor. From starting out with just 550 feet of hose, a nozzle, a couple of axes and buckets, to now having only state-of-the-art equipment. Our long hours of dedication through training and education have given us pride to serve your growing community as we now cover over 100 square miles of the Town of Windsor, Severance, Weld and Larimer Counties. Come and see any of our three stations, as you will see our passion of what we do as a firefighting family.

Providing professional service and compassionate care from our family to yours.

Readiness: We will anticipate the needs of our community through preparedness, education, and continual improvement.

Excellence: We will pursue mastery of technical knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Courage: We will display the mental strength and moral character to do what is right, even in the presence of personal and professional adversity.

Respect: We will serve our community and each other with dignity, integrity, appreciation, and kindness, while valuing the diversity and efforts of all.


Windsor Severance Fire Rescue’s 2021 Vision is to be widely known for our professional service and compassionate care to those we serve.

We will prove our commitment to readiness through initiatives that enhance our EMS and Fire Prevention programs as we focus on the needs and expectations of our community.  This will be further bolstered by quality management of our physical resources, ensuring we remain prudent and strategic.

Striving for individual and organizational excellence will be made evident as we invest in our greatest resources, our members, through emphasis on workforce planning and training improvements.  Our organizational clarity will guide the district to further lead our people and grow in the future.

Fostering skillful communication with our community will confirm the courage we personify.  We embrace doing what is right and being transparent in all we do.  We embrace doing the right thing and understand the importance of sharing this information through various outreach opportunities.

Respect will be carried out as we communicate internally to ensure that we appropriately deliver our mission, live our values, accomplish our goals, and bring our vision to fruition.