General Construction & Fire-Protection System Inspections


Inspections performed by Windsor Severance Fire Rescue are required for building permits (new structures and tenant finishes) issued by the Town of Windsor, Town of Severance, Larimer County and Weld County, and for all fire-protection system permits issued by WSFR for structures in Windsor, Severance, Larimer County and Weld County.

WSFR conducts final inspections for building permits in order for the owner or occupant to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of Completion, prior to occupying the building. For fire-protection systems, WSFR performs rough inspections and final inspections, also for the owner or occupant to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of Completion.

Final inspections consisting of building permit (general construction) and fire-protection systems must be scheduled for the same time and all applicable contractors must be present for testing and inspecting. For these multi-inspection projects, the general contractor or owner must schedule the final fire inspection with WSFR and coordinate attendance of the fire-protection contractors.

For fire-protection system inspections only, the fire contractor schedules the inspection with WSFR. Records of completion must be filled out and given to the inspector at the conclusion of the final inspection.

Prior to scheduling any inspections, contractors should read all fire comments that came with the permit, to ensure all requirements have been met before inspections.

The project address and permit number(s) must be provided when requesting inspections.

To schedule a fire inspection with WSFR, call 970.686.2626 at least 48 hours prior to when you want the inspection.