Our newly revised shared Mission and Values statement

Greetings everyone,
Some may have noticed the face of our Web site and social media has changed. As many folks now may know, WSFR has been hard at work crafting our 2016-2021 Community Driven Strategic Plan. We began this proccess with assistance from industry colleagues from the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE), our accreditation organization who sought out honest and direct feedback from nearly 50 community stakeholders. While the official plan is not ready for release, the first product of this proccess, our revised mission, and values statement is ready to roll.

A mission and values statement holds high importance in an organization that hopes to be progressive and customer accountable. A shared mission and values statement is essential for those who seek to accomplish even greater things, for it takes a village.

After a great deal of determined work, community input, and exhaustive dialog with the internal stakeholders group we present the following statements. The Mission is all new, short, and to the point. The values are based on our last set of Competence, Readiness, and Respect, but expanded to 4 values and refined meanings which we feel more completely captures the values that guide us as we carry out our mission.

Our Mission
Providing professional service and compassionate care from our family to yours.

Our Values
Readiness: We will anticipate the needs of our community through preparedness, education, and continual improvement.
Excellence: We will pursue mastery of technical knowledge, skills, and abilities.
Courage: We will display the mental strength and moral character to do what is right, even in the presence of personal and professional adversity.
Respect: We will serve our community and each other with dignity, integrity, appreciation, and kindness, while valuing the diversity and efforts of all.