Burn Permit Request


Inside Town Limits

No open burning is allowed inside the town limits of Windsor or Severance except by special authorization by Windsor Severance Fire Rescue. Requests for special authorization need to be directed to Windsor Severance Fire Rescue Fire Marshal at Windsor Station 1.
*Special authorization is not required for burning in established barbecue grills, portable cooking appliances, commercial outdoor fire pits, ceramic or clay fire pots, and/or similar devices.

Outside Town Limits

Open burning outside of the town limits of Windsor and Severance requires a burn permit from Windsor Severance Fire Rescue and either Weld County Health Department or Larimer County Health Department. Open burns authorized by Windsor Severance Fire Rescue are limited to:

  1. The burning of TREE SLASH in organized and monitored burn piles.
  2. The burning of weeds in irrigation ditches, ditch banks, and ditch right-of-ways by or under the direct supervision of a ditch company or ditch owner.
  3. Agricultural burning. (A burn permit is not required for agricultural burns, but please call us at 970-686-2626 and let us know that you will be burning)


  1. All open burning shall be pre-approved by the Fire Marshal and shall have a valid open burning permit.
  2. There shall be no Open Burning during State or County authorized fire restrictions or bans.
  3. No person shall burn upon the land of another without permission of the owner thereof or his agent.
  4. The tree slash pile shall be no larger than 8 feet wide and 6 feet high, at any time and shall be constructed away from standing timber and structures.
  5. Tree slash material shall be no larger than 4” in diameter.
  6. The ground surrounding the tree slash pile shall be scraped to mineral earth (clean dirt) to a distance of at least 10 feet in all directions.
  7. A minimum distance of 50 feet shall be maintained between tree slash fire and structures or combustible materials. Feed piles shall be maintained at a minimum distance of 25 feet from the burning pile.
  8. Open burning is not permitted when sustained winds or wind gusts are predicted to exceed 10 miles per hour or during extremely dry conditions, as determined by the Fire Marshal or Fire Department Representative.
  10. All fires shall be continuously attended by a competent, non-impaired adult having pre-approved and ready to use fire extinguishing equipment on site.
  11. The open burning permit shall be maintained on site and available for viewing at all times during the active burning.
  12. The open burning permit holder shall call the Weld County Dispatch at 970.356.1212 prior to starting the burning and once the fire is completely out.
  13. Open burning of tree slash shall only occur between sunrise and sunset and shall be completely extinguished (out cold) prior to sunset and prior to the attendant leaving the site.
  14. Failure to comply with the provisions of the Windsor Severance Fire Protection District Open Burning Regulations is punishable under Chapter 3 of the 2012 International Fire Code and the Colorado Revised Statutes 25-7-123(3), which sets fines up to $1,000 per day.

Prohibited Materials:

  • Plastics, tires, plastic tarps, electric wiring, plumbing materials, plastic irrigation pipe and ducts.
  • Vehicles, trailers, mobile homes, campers, tents, or parts from these items.
  • Houses, barns, animal shelters, sheds, buildings, lean-to’s, garages.
  • Chemicals of any kind: paint, fuels, polyurethane, thinners, solvents.
  • Furniture, coated wood, manufactured wood (laminates, plywood, particle board).
  • Electric wiring, boxes, electronic equipment, or anything with a circuit board.
  • Green lumber, leaves, recently cut limbs and logs.
  • Any compostable plant material.
  • Manure, urine-soaked materials, animal droppings, corral bedding.
  • Deceased animals and animal parts
  • Commercially-derived materials (wastes from business entities).
  • Burning weeds in agriculturally exempt water conveyance structures (ditches, canals, etc.); See below.
  • Open field burning on agriculturally zoned land to control weeds or undesirable plants for the purpose of enhancing crop production or improving lands for animal grazing. See below
  • (Agricultural Open Burning is exempt from permitting by Regulation No. 9 and the Weld County Codes and Regulations.)

Permit Request – **Must be requested at least 24 hours before burning**
All open burn permits are required from Windsor Severance Fire Rescue and either Weld County Department of Health or Larimer County Department of Health.
A permit from Windsor Severance Fire Rescue can be requested by submitting a Burn Request
To request a permit from Weld County please see Weld County
To request a permit from Larimer County please see Larimer County

For additional questions please contact Windsor Severance Fire Rescue at 970-686-2626