Strategic Plan and Community Risk Assessment

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Our 2022-2024 Strategic Plan was created from an interactive community-driven process, combining the efforts of members of our community (external stakeholders) with a diverse cross section of our staff (internal stakeholders). The Strategic Plan is a dynamic document that guides us in how we approach our long and short-term goals.

WSFR 2022-2024 Strategic Plan

WSFR 2016-2021 Strategic Plan

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Our Community Risk Assessment: Standards of Cover is a document that assesses and describes the various risks within our service area. Assessing risks, consequences, and the likelihood of occurrence enables us to develop an effective emergency response system that delivers a level of service that our citizens expect. The document includes an overview of the community, and an in-depth description of our performance metrics and benchmarks for all emergency services.

WSFR Community Risk Assessment And Standards Of Cover